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Bar Crawl Beauties
A Night to Remember

About our Bar Crawls


With a pre-planned bar crawl, drinking games, challenges for each of your stags, forfeits and more, sit back and enjoy while our Bar Crawl Beauties take you and your stags on a night to remember, leaving you to take the praise as the ultimate BEST MAN!

You'll start off at one of the cities hottest bars at a time suitable for you where you will be greeted by our Bar Crawl Beauties in full-on, sexy, beer maid outfits!

Before you get a chance to take it all in ... its time for the round of complimentary shots! 

Once you and your stags have downed these, its time for our Bar Crawl Beauties to lead the games, dares, forfeits and more!


Don't get too comfortable, its on to the next bar! Our Bar Crawl Beauties will round up the stags and take you on to the next venue while all the other guys in the bar look on in amazement!


You will visit 3+ bars throughout the bar crawl (depending on how fast you and your stags drink!) and finish off at one of the cities top nightclubs where our Bar Crawl Beauties will leave you and your stags to dance the night away. 

Whats Included?

  • Fully planned EXCLUSIVE 4 hour bar crawl for your group only

  • 2 - 4 Bar Crawl Beauties (depending on your group size) to chaperone your group

  • Our Bar Crawl Beauties will take photos throughout the night and these will be sent to you after the event

  • Free bar entry into 3+ bars

  • Our Bar Crawl Beauties will collect the kitty and buy all the drinks for your group at each bar

  • Free round of shots

  • Drinking games, challenges and forfeits for all the stags

  • Free nightclub entry

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